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Delivering a unified resolution in the frameworks of development Grammar and body Semantics, Hans Boas develops an account of resultative structures in English by way of grouping them in sessions: conventionalized and non-conventionalized. The usage-based version used right here proposes that every specific experience of a verb constitutes a conventionalized mini-construction, that is an important details for the licensing of arguments. against this, verbs in non-conventionalized resultative structures can collect a unique that means and thereby a brand new syntactic body. English and German resultatives are in comparison to illustrate the detailed lexical polysemy networks of English and German verbs.

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First , 1 present the main ideas of usage-based approaches to the study of language as advocated by Leisi (1 954) , Firth (1 957) , Langacker (1 987 , 2000) , Fillmore (1 989) , Hunston and Francis (2000) , and Stubbs (200 1), among others. 1 then show that a usage-based approach has a number of conceptual as well as empirical advantages over previous accounts of resultatives. FinalIy , 1 argue that the multiple conventionalized senses asso唱 ciated with verbs are central to a framework that aims to capture the full range of resultative constructions , thereby laying the groundwork for the lexical-constructional approach developed throughout the rest of the book.

That man should be put behind bars! 25) do not usua l\ y denote prototypical result states that are associated with the action denoted by their matrix verbs: lame is not typically expected to appear as the resu \t ative predicate of shoot , whereas dir,纱 is not readily associated with w伊 e. ' (1 992: 63) However , he neither states the pragmatic principles that underlie the structure of resultative constructions nor does he have any explanation for the distribution of the SC subject in resultatives.

For detailed discussions of corpus size and representati veness of a coφus , see Heid and McNaught (\991: 59), Atkins et al. (1992: 旬, Biber(1993: 243 , 25旬, Ooi (1998: 55δ旬, and Stubbs (2001: 223-224) , among 0世lers. 18 See Renouf and Sin c1air (1991: 128-143), Kennedy (\998: 108-121), and Stubbs (2001: 2930, 117-120) for detailed discuss ÍCt ns about the relevance of corpus-based studies of colIocations for a general theory of language. drawn 齿。m 16/ A CONSTRUCTIONAL ApPROACH TO RESULTA TIVES frequently occurring resultative phrases such as dead , flat , hoarse , into pieces , mad , tired, etc.

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