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The large influx of migrant workers has helped service and sustain the local economy, providing a host of retail outlets, and building much of the new infrastructure. They have also occupied many of the traditional roles such as agriculture, and roles within the home from childcare to cleaning. Wippel (2013) highlights the transformation taking place along the coast since the introduction of the modern container port at Raysut in the 1990s, and it is no surprise that many of the members of these cda-speaking communities now appear to be employed in these sectors.

As a result, the circumstances in which the coastal dialect of Arabic is spoken outside of the home are those situations where only speakers of this dialect are present, or where they form the overwhelming number of speakers. It is highly likely that the historical situation in Dhofar was analogous to this, albeit without the influence of msa through the media and education. Dialectal Arabic from either the northern or southern speech communities would most probably have been the default variety spoken in some form as a lingua franca, as well the norm in native-speaking families and close-knit geographical communities.

14 chapter 1 study. 2). The second name given ʕuget, which appears to be an Arabic variation of the ʕuqad form, is also intriguing due to the realisation of the voiced velar plosive stop /g/, which in the Arabic dialect recorded in this study would be realised as a voiceless uvular plosive stop /q/, hence the variation ʕuqad and ʕuget. The variation in the realisation of this phoneme is well-documented in other Arabic dialects (Hetzron 1997: 270–271), both as a characterising phonemic variant between dialects, and also as a key factor in tracing the sedentary/bedouin lineage of a dialect’s community.

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