New PDF release: A Hero Shrine for Phrontis at Sounion?

By Herbert Abramson

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Now if you maintain that someone may take the law into his own hands, then let the man just take a whip and sit there [and keep people out of his property]! FF. Said R. " 14 CHAPTER THREE GG. R. " H H . R. " II. If that's so, then why specify, But what is his does not pass to him? " JJ. That is because of what R. Judah said, for said R. " KK. Come and take note: A householder who designated peah at one corner of the field, and the poor come along and take the peah from another side of the field—both this and that are classified as peah.

But f r a m i n g the question in those terms, we run the risk of begging the question—or of fabricating our answer without the possibility of verifying or falsifying it. For are we not simply p a r a p h r a s i n g the categorical structure of the Halakhic system when we identify as systemically consequential the category-formations that the system itself elaborates? A simple contrast shows that the answer to that question, where does the system focus its exegetical energies? need not be impressionistic.

I could think of no more fundamental question for a theory of the social order than the way in which the social order is conceived to be composed, or, in gross terms, which comes first, the individual or the community? And which takes priority? Certainly for the contemporary West, with its radical individualism of autonomy, the single most striking trait of a system responsive to corporate responsibility to God is to be located in its assessment of individualism. Seeing that assessment in the framework of mythic monotheism defines the next step in the matter; but that is self-evident.

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