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See also Plett (1975). 20 For surveys or inlroductions lo Ihis more general sludy of discourse, see Schmidt (1973), Rommetveil (1974) and Dressler, ed (1977). PART I SEMANTICS ~ _.. 1 In the following chapters we will use sorne concepts from FORMAL or LOGICAL SEMANTICS. Since this kind of semantics is not yet a standard component of elementary linguistics, we will give a fragmentary introduction to the basic notions in this field. For more complete introductions we refer to the various handbooks of logic, in which also the syntactic and axiomatic properties of logical systems and their relations to semantics are treated.

16 This work has become theoretically interesting since the (re-)discovery of the work ofPropp (1968[1928]), and has been carried out mainly in the Soviet Union, France, the USA, Canada and Finland. See Maranda, ed (1972), issues 4 and 8 of Communicalions (Paris), and the further references given in van Dijk (1 972a, 1975a). 17 See the contributions in Sudnow, ed (1972), especiaJly the work by Sacks and ScheglolT. 18 See eg Himmelfarb and Hendrickson Eagly, eds (1974) for readings on attitude change, and Holsti (1969) and Gerbner, el al, eds (1969), in particular for the THE LINGUISTIC STUDY OF DISCOURSE 15 content analysis of discourse or 'messages'.

In the semantics of (propositional) logical systems, a proposition is simply defined as an object which is assigned a TRUTH-VALUE. In classical systems this means that a proposition is either assigned the value TRUE or the value FALSE (but not both). Sorne systems also use a third truthvalue, viz NEITHER TRUE NOR FALSE or INDETERMINATE. We see that the content or meaning of a proposition is disregarded in such a semantics: what is relevant here is only whether a proposition is true or false. Compound formulae, ie expressions containing several propositional variables, are interpreted as expressing COMPOUND PROPOSITIONS.

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