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55 911 by Chris Owen Chapter Seven Scott got home at six in the morning, dead tired. He headed straight for the bed, skipping his shower and hating the need to even undress. All he wanted to do was fall onto the bed and sleep for a week. He only had ten hours though, and he wanted to make the most of them; sleep for nine, take a shower and drink a pot of coffee to get him through his next shift. When he got into the bedroom Drew was sprawled over their bed, sound asleep with one leg tossed over the covers and an arm wrapped around two pillows.

Hello Ellen, it's nice to meet you. And you too, Drew. " She beamed at them as they replied to her greetings and exchanged fast handshakes. Drew kept on grinning which Scott thought looked adorable, and was only slightly more welcome than the fact that his mom was being warm and happy instead of over-protective and prying. He hoped it was a sign of things to come. Ellen, Kate and Drew made polite and friendly chatter for a few moments about when Drew had bought the place and the current state of property taxes, while Scott got his mother a cup of coffee.

Our mothers know. " Scott wiped at his eyes and leaned against Drew's shoulder. "Yeah. I guess we're official," Drew said, his tone light and still hinting at laughter. Scott grinned. " "Hey, two months before I let you kiss me," Scott teased, leering obnoxiously. "Shut up. " Drew leaned a little closer so their fingers touched. " Scott moved his hand over, tracing a line on Drew's thigh. "If you hadn't ... oh hell. " 44 911 by Chris Owen They watched the moms for a few moments. " Drew asked. " "Yeah.

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