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3. Those toys belong to her. 4. Did you catch it? 5. They wanted to eat hamburgers. 6. Those clothes belong to them. 7. We talked for hours. 8. That new car is ours. 9. You will love the beach! 10. Will you bring them with us? 35 Independent Practice Circle the pronoun that best replaces the underlined word in each sentence. 1. Explorers and mountain men followed the Native American trails when they traveled west and the trails helped the explorers and mountain men. (them, it) 2. The railroad stretched from east to west and the railroad made traveling much faster.

The train ________________________________________ the station an hour ago. (left) 8. The construction workers ________________________________________ the house early. (finish) 9. The principal ________________________________________ we could have a pep rally before the next game. (said) 10. The boy was not hungry. He ________________________________________ too much candy. (eat) 50 Perfect Verb Tenses Writing Past Perfect Tense Remember, the past perfect verb tense shows action that has happened before another action at a certain time in the past.

Qualitative observations are observations that are made with your senses. (and) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. You can communicate information through talking. Communication can take place through a written form. (or) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ 4.

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