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By C F Terrell

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His wrong was to be against Uncle George Tinkham [76:176]. 146. "30,000 ... ": Pound said he had heard that someone's manager spent $30,000 "gettin' the nomination" when he could have had it for $6,000, which showed the "temporary debility of a so-called great party" [EP, Speaking, 208]. Prob. Alf Landon is the nominee [BK]. 147. Landon: Alfred Mossman L. (b. 1887), American businessman, governor of Kansas (1933-1937), and Republican nominee for president in 1936. 148. , 1892-1944, Republican nominee for president in 1940.

As the birds took off and landed, a different tune seemed to be carved in the air. 21. Mr Allingham: A trainee at the DTC. 22. Bechstein: A make of piano. 23. " 24. " 25. Cosimo Tura: [24:87J. 26. Del Cossa: [77:156J. One of the 8chifanoia muralists at the palace in Ferrara. 27. , 1770-1827, the German composer whose piano works are considered by many to be his crowning achievement. 28. Piazza S. Marco: I, "St. Mark's Square," a famous location in Venice. 79/484-486 29. papal major: Ironic question suggested by something Pound sees outside his tent.

You can make, .. converts: The China miSSionary heard here may be the one at 28/136. 102. Sweetland: Prob. one of the trainees at the DTC. 103. " 104. " Phrase from Orthodox liturgy and Roman Mass. 110. " Persephone, the daughter of Demeter. 111. Pomona: Ancient Italian goddess at fruit trees. 112. fire ... flame: The potent sexuality all nature is alive with, particularly fruit, in which the seed is concentrated. 113. " 114. Heliads: [76:6]. 115. " 116. " Epithet for Aphrodite, Cythera [Kuthera] [cf.

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