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By Evelien Keizer

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This can be the 1st textbook on sensible Discourse Grammar, a lately constructed idea of language constitution which analyses utterances at 4 self sustaining degrees of grammatical illustration: pragmatic, semantic, morphosyntactic and phonological. The e-book bargains a really systematic and hugely obtainable advent to the speculation: following the top-down association of the version, it takes the reader step by step notwithstanding a few of the degrees of research (from pragmatics all the way down to phonology), whereas even as supplying an in depth account of the interplay among those varied degrees. the various routines, categorised in keeping with measure of trouble, make sure that scholars are challenged to exploit the idea in an inventive demeanour, and invite them to check and evaluation the speculation via using it to the hot information in quite a few linguistic contexts.

Evelien Keizer makes use of examples from quite a few resources to illustrate how the speculation of practical Discourse Grammar can be utilized to examine and clarify crucial practical and formal positive aspects of present-day English. The ebook additionally comprises examples from a large choice of alternative typologically diversified languages, making it beautiful not just to scholars of English linguistics yet to somebody drawn to linguistic idea extra more often than not.

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Instead, FDG is first and foremost an attempt to describe and explain linguistic facts in a way compatible with what is known about language processing. • It is believed that only through this specific combination of features and assumptions will it be possible to offer a unified and comprehensive account of the use, meaning, and form of all linguistic utterances. Exercises 1. One prescriptive rule for English is that double negations are not allowed. Now consider the examples in (ia) (from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales) and (ib) (from Spanish): (i) a.

COCA, written, newspaper) 18 1. WHY FUNCTIONAL DISCOURSE GRAMMAR? c. Comment on the use and syntactic category/form of the italicized elements in examples (iiia–c). How do you think these elements are related? 4. Consider the following quotes and try to determine which paradigm they represent. 3 to support your answer. (i) When we communicate, we do not, in general, use isolated sentences. Rather, communication takes place through multi-propositional discourse, organised into structures we now recognise as characterising conversations, lectures, committee meetings, formal and informal letters, and the like.

Rising or falling tone). 3. Levels of representation We have now come to what may be considered one of the most important features of the theory of FDG: the distinction, within the Grammatical Component, of four levels of analysis. Each of these levels will be described in detail in Chapters 3–6. In this section, we will concentrate on (i) the correspondences between the four levels in terms of their general structure and (ii) the kind of information represented at each of these levels. 1. General structure of the four levels Each of the four levels of representation is hierarchically organized, consisting of several layers.

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