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By Alan C. L. Yu

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This booklet offers the 1st cross-linguistic research of the phenomenon of infixation, commonly linked in English with phrases like "im-bloody-possible", and located in the entire world's significant linguistic households. Infixation is a relevant puzzle in prosodic morphology: Professor Yu explores its prosodic, phonological, and morphological features, considers its various features, and formulates a common thought to provide an explanation for the principles and constraints through which it's ruled. He examines 154 infixation styles from over 100 languages, together with examples from Asia, Europe, Africa, New Guinea, and South the USA. He compares the formal houses of other varieties of infix, explores the variety of diachronic pathways that result in them, and considers the methods through which they're obtained in first language studying. A vital argument of the e-book matters the concept that the typological developments of language can be traced again to its origins and to the mechanisms of language transmission. The e-book hence combines the background of infixation with an exploration of the position diachronic and practical components play in synchronic argumentation: it truly is an exemplary example of the holistic method of linguistic explanation.Alan Yu's pioneering learn will curiosity phonologists and morphologists of all theoretical persuasions, in addition to typologists and historic linguists.

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On the view of the derivational model, however, it is the phonological strings that permute, never the morpheme itself. 26 What is inWxation? (28) Phonological Readjustment Phonological Subcategorization Input /A, XYZ/ /A, XYZ/ Morphology A+XYZ XAYZ Phonology XAYZ XAYZ Output XAYZ XAYZ This work is a defense of the Phonological Subcategorization view of inWxation. Before introducing in more detail the theoretic apparatus for the understanding of Phonological Subcategorization, I review in some detail arguments against the Phonological Readjustment approach.

In the theory of Distributed Morphology (Halle and Marantz 1993) this obliviousness is formally reXected by the absence—in syntactic representations—of the phonetic exponents of the morphemes. In the syntax proper, morphemes are nothing but complexes of syntactic and semantic features; their phonetic exponents are inserted by Vocabulary Insertion, which is part of the morphology. Since the phonetic exponents of morphemes are thus not present in the syntax, it is literally impossible within the syntax to inWx /um/ or /in/ before the Wrst vowel of the Tagalog stem.

Formally, this intuition is captured by the constraint-ranking schema, P >> M, one of the three basic tenets of Prosodic Morphology within Optimality Theory. (29) Prosodic Morphology within OT (McCarthy and Prince 1993b: 110) a. Prosodic Morphology Hypothesis Templates are constraints on the prosody/morphology interface, asserting the coincidence of morphological and prosodic constituent. b. Template Satisfaction Condition Templatic constraints may be undominated, in which case they are satisWed fully, or they may be dominated, in which case they are violated minimally, in accordance with general principles of Optimality Theory.

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