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By Hanif D. Sherali

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ISBN-13: 9781475743883

This ebook offers with the idea and purposes of the Reformulation- Linearization/Convexification procedure (RL T) for fixing nonconvex optimization difficulties. A unified remedy of discrete and non-stop nonconvex programming difficulties is gifted utilizing this procedure. In essence, the bridge among those forms of nonconvexities is made through a polynomial illustration of discrete constraints. for instance, the binariness on a 0-1 variable x . should be equivalently J expressed because the polynomial constraint x . (1-x . ) = zero. the incentive for this publication is J J the function of tight linear/convex programming representations or relaxations in fixing such discrete and non-stop nonconvex programming difficulties. The important thrust is to begin with a version that provides an invaluable illustration and constitution, after which to extra improve this illustration via computerized reformulation and constraint new release thoughts. As pointed out above, the focus of this e-book is the improvement and alertness of RL T to be used as an automated reformulation technique, and likewise, to generate robust legitimate inequalities. The RLT operates in levels. within the Reformulation part, specific sorts of extra implied polynomial constraints, that come with the aforementioned constraints when it comes to binary variables, are appended to the matter. The ensuing challenge is as a consequence linearized, other than that sure convex constraints are often retained in XV specific detailed situations, within the Linearization/Convexijication section. this can be performed through the definition of appropriate new variables to exchange each one special variable-product time period. the better dimensional illustration yields a linear (or convex) programming relaxation.

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11) f~+I(JI + t, 12) + f~+l(11, 12 + t) = f~(JI, 12). 11 ), and the proof is complete. D The equivalence of X to Xd for any d E { 0, ... , n} under integrality restrictions on the x-variables, and the hierarchy among the relaxations are established next. 1. 6), ford = 0, 1, ... , n. 12) Inparticular, XPd n{(x,y): xbinary} Proof. Consider any dE =Xforall d = 0,1, ... ,n. {1, ... 5a) are also satisfied. Toward this end, consider any (11 , 1 2 ) of order (d -1), and any r E {l, ... ,R}. 5a) for Next, let us show that conv(X) any ( x, y) E conv(X) ~ ~ Xn.

Consider the following mixed-integer 0-1 constraint region. X={(x,y): x+y~2. -x+y~1. xbinaryandy~O}. 1. 8), although the other defining constraints of X imply the boundedness of y. The RLT process can be applied directly to X as above, without creating any explicit upper bound on y. Notice that for this instance, we have n = 1, and so by our foregoing discussion, the relaxation X1 at level d = 1 should produce the convex hull representation. verify this fact. Let us Sherali and Adams For d 30 = 1, the bound-factor (products) of order 1 are simply x and (1- x).

3. Coping with Large-Scale Representations While the RLT process leads to tight linear programming relaxations for the underlying discrete or continuous nonconvex problems being solved as discussed above, one has to Sherali and Adams 18 contend with the repeated solutions of such large-scale linear programs. linear programs possess a special structure induced by the replicated products of the original problem constraints (or its subset) with certain designated variables. At the same time, this process injects a high level of degeneracy in the problem since blocks of constraints automatically become active whenever the factor expression that generated them turns out to be zero at any feasible solution, and the condition number of the bases can become quite large.

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