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LY,ng thea I locate m room of she I am in her room. lY,n dtqi" tonma•, he sleep under tree He slept under the tree. l: jawn n~ng kta1 · John sit near John sits near Mary. ,.. ri Mary Indicating Time For telling time, day and date three prepositions are used. They are meua (when), nai (in) and dtawn (a period of time). Meua shows the past tense. 23 7 Nai can be omitted. It usually shows futurity. Dtmn is used only with time. a b c v v A 1\ khau matheung meua thjlaew athit he arrive when week last He arrived last week.

The dog barks. The dog barked. 38 11 The dogs bark. The dogs barked. English verbs have many forms while Thai verbs have only one. Noun determiners are not necessary. Example 3 The third Example of sentence structure is foreign to Thai. There is no verb to link a noun and an adjective. In this case, the adjective functions as a verb. l:Yng ph~ng gold expensive Gold is expensive. dek bpllilY child sick The child is sick. iw' children sick The children are sick. Sometimes in English the words look, seem, taste ,feel, become, etc.

Rna cat beautiful than dog The cat is more beautiful than the dog. ay When a sentence has an adjective that modifies another, the modifier will follow the adjective. natimg bp~t kwsfng window open wide The window is wide open. 5 When a noun modifies an adjective that noun should be placed after the adjective. t6 kw~ng neung fut table wide one foot The table is one foot wide. 6 In English the conjunctives, how, what, which, when, whether, where, etc. are placed before infinitives. eg, I don't know how to cook.

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